Procrasti-Nation Study Group

What is Procrasti-Nation?

Procrasti-Nation is a peer-led study group open to all UCalgary students. It provides a motivating environment and increases accountability so students can get work done. It is a group environment where the focus is on individualized work. At the start, Peer Support Volunteers help students set a SMART goal outlining what they would like to achieve in the session. The group then has 50 minutes of uninterrupted study time, with a follow up at the end where students can share how the session went for them and discuss challenges and study tips.

When does it run?

Procrasti-Nation runs every Tuesday at 4:00pm, 5:00pm, and 6:00pm. Each study session starts on the hour and are 1 hour long with 50 minutes of studying and a 10 minute break. Sessions are drop-in, with no registration required. Students can choose to attend one session, or stay for multiple. Procrasti-Nation takes place at the Campus Community Hub (located in Yamnuska Hall next to Subway).

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