Mindfulness series for UCalgary students

Mindfulness is learning how to be fully present in the moment. In these sessions, we’ll explore what Mindfulness is and is not, how we can use it to manage stress and how it’s a foundation for navigating a complex life. We’ll discover how Mindfulness is a skill we already possess, it just needs to be developed.

Mindfulness helps us work out how we are “being” while we are “doing”. There will be time for questions, personal reflection and comments. An open heart and mind will be beneficial. References and resources are provided.

What to Expect:

  • Each session is 2.5 hours.
  • You can register at any time, even after the series has begun.
  • The first three sessions will cover a core curriculum of basic practices. The last three sessions are drop in if you missed earlier sessions and/or to enhance your practice. The value of these sessions is proportionate to your participation.
  • Chairs will be provided, but you can bring a cushion if you prefer sitting on the floor.
  • A beginner’s mind, curiosity, a non-judgmental attitude, trust and courtesy will enhance your experience.
  • The sessions allow you to practice and explore mindful sitting, breath-work, attention to your senses, walking, body awareness (using simple yoga poses) and mindful eating.
  • Session 1 will include, in part, a presentation on the history of Mindfulness – its relevance to wellness and mental health and the research that supports Mindfulness practices. The rest of the sessions are experiential.
  • Each session has guided instruction and opportunity for conversation and questions.
  • You’ll be invited to do daily practice between sessions (10 – 15 minutes daily). Daily personal practice is shown to enhance the benefits of mindfulness.
  • Anonymous evaluation forms are distributed at the end for feedback. No personal data is reported on.

This series is open to all UCalgary Students. No previous experience with Mindfulness or meditation is required.

Sessions begin Tuesday, May 1 and run to Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

For more information and to register: Mindfulness Series for UCalgary students

W2RAP UP 2018

The Student Success Centre, Libraries & Cultural Resources, and the SU Wellness Centre have partnered to run a program called W2RAP UP from April 3 – 4, 2018.

This program provides Writing, Wellness, Research, and Academic Support, as well as Peer-Assisted Study Sessions. Through group sessions, you will have an opportunity to receive support for exam-preparation, research, and writing, as well as support for maintaining holistic wellness during the final stretch of the term. Writing Tutors and Academic Development Specialists will offer one-on-one sessions. Stress-reduction activities will also be offered. This event will provide you with access to services and resources on campus to help you as you wrap up the term!

Consult the website for a full list of events: http://www.ucalgary.ca/ssc/wrap_up


Mental Health Alliance Steering Committee Application

The University of Calgary Mental Health Alliance was founded in 2015 by the Mental Health Awareness Club and Distress Centre on Campus Club. Now, the Alliance has close to 20 member organizations and is supported by the Students’ Union, SU Wellness Centre, and Campus Mental Health Strategy. The mandate of the alliance is to improve communication among on-campus groups interested in mental health, foster opportunities for collaboration on mental health initiatives, and advocate for campus-wide mental health awareness using its wide reach and unified voice.

The Mental Health Alliance is seeking a Chair, Communications Coordinator and External Coordinator for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year.

Consult the application form for more information. Deadline to apply is Friday, March 9, 2018.

International Study Travel Grant

Have you ever thought about studying abroad but were worried about the cost? Are you already planning to study abroad and looking for funding? University of Calgary International is pleased to announce that the International Study Travel Grant competition is now open!

The eligibility requirements are simple:

  • You must be a University of Calgary degree-seeking student, participating in a University of Calgary study abroad program, earning at least 1 course (3 units) of academic credit.
  • Your study abroad program must commence between April 1, 2018  – March 31, 2019
  • You need a minimum 2.80 GPA over your last 8 courses
  • You cannot have previously received funding through the International Studentship or International Study Travel Grant competitions.

The online application as well as detailed instructions can be found here: www.ucalgary.ca/uci/abroad/travelgrant

Deadline to apply: Sunday March 18, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

For details on this and many other potential sources of funding:  http://www.ucalgary.ca/uci/abroad/funding

Procrasti-Nation Study Group

What is Procrasti-Nation?

Procrasti-Nation is a peer-led study group open to all UCalgary students. It provides a motivating environment and increases accountability so students can get work done. It is a group environment where the focus is on individualized work. At the start, Peer Support Volunteers help students set a SMART goal outlining what they would like to achieve in the session. The group then has 50 minutes of uninterrupted study time, with a follow up at the end where students can share how the session went for them and discuss challenges and study tips.

When does it run?

Procrasti-Nation runs every Tuesday at 4:00pm, 5:00pm, and 6:00pm. Each study session starts on the hour and are 1 hour long with 50 minutes of studying and a 10 minute break. Sessions are drop-in, with no registration required. Students can choose to attend one session, or stay for multiple. Procrasti-Nation takes place at the Campus Community Hub (located in Yamnuska Hall next to Subway).

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