University Station Elevator Closure

Temporary elevator closure – April 30 to June 30, 2018

The elevator at University Station will be closed for eight weeks while it’s refurbished. During this time, the CTrain platform is only accessible by stairs. Those who cannot use stairs can use a bus connection to/from Brentwood or Lions Park Station to access campus.

Consult the Calgary Transit website for more information on the closure and route options.

Mindfulness series for UCalgary students

Mindfulness is learning how to be fully present in the moment. In these sessions, we’ll explore what Mindfulness is and is not, how we can use it to manage stress and how it’s a foundation for navigating a complex life. We’ll discover how Mindfulness is a skill we already possess, it just needs to be developed.

Mindfulness helps us work out how we are “being” while we are “doing”. There will be time for questions, personal reflection and comments. An open heart and mind will be beneficial. References and resources are provided.

What to Expect:

  • Each session is 2.5 hours.
  • You can register at any time, even after the series has begun.
  • The first three sessions will cover a core curriculum of basic practices. The last three sessions are drop in if you missed earlier sessions and/or to enhance your practice. The value of these sessions is proportionate to your participation.
  • Chairs will be provided, but you can bring a cushion if you prefer sitting on the floor.
  • A beginner’s mind, curiosity, a non-judgmental attitude, trust and courtesy will enhance your experience.
  • The sessions allow you to practice and explore mindful sitting, breath-work, attention to your senses, walking, body awareness (using simple yoga poses) and mindful eating.
  • Session 1 will include, in part, a presentation on the history of Mindfulness – its relevance to wellness and mental health and the research that supports Mindfulness practices. The rest of the sessions are experiential.
  • Each session has guided instruction and opportunity for conversation and questions.
  • You’ll be invited to do daily practice between sessions (10 – 15 minutes daily). Daily personal practice is shown to enhance the benefits of mindfulness.
  • Anonymous evaluation forms are distributed at the end for feedback. No personal data is reported on.

This series is open to all UCalgary Students. No previous experience with Mindfulness or meditation is required.

Sessions begin Tuesday, May 1 and run to Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

For more information and to register: Mindfulness Series for UCalgary students

Richard Haskayne Scholarship for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Sinneave Family Foundation is pleased to offer the Richard Haskayne Post-Secondary Scholarship to students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The annual disbursement of the Haskayne Scholarship may be up to a maximum of $10,000. The Sinneave Family Foundation is committed to offering a minimum of two scholarship per annum with a value of at least $2,500, but there may be more than two awards available.

The applicant must currently live in Alberta and be accepted or enrolled at an Alberta college, university or vocational/technical school.

The candidate must complete the online application and submit before 5pm MST on May 31, 2018.

Launch + Skills program

Launch + Skills is a new program offered in Calgary by the Sinneave Family Foundation that helps support emerging adults (age 15-25) with a diagnosis of autism plan for their future and build the skills they need to be successful. The program includes transition planning support, group workshops and individualized skills coaching to help young people become more independent and achieve their goals. This program would be beneficial for students in high school or post-secondary school to help build organizational skills, social skills and healthy living skills.

To find out more, visit the program website, call 403.210.5000 or email

Spectrum Advantage May 2018 session

Spectrum Advantage is currently taking applications for the May 2018 session.

Spectrum Advantage is designed to support individuals who live on the Autism Spectrum find and retain employment within the digital/electronic economy.

The four month program includes four weeks of paid job readiness preparation classes specifically geared towards people living on the Autism Spectrum, followed by a minimum of three months paid employment for program graduates. During the first three months of employment, both program participants and employers are supported by an ASD Human Resource Consultant/Job Coach.

The following are required of all candidates before their acceptance into the program:

  • Candidates must be 18-30 yrs old and not registered in school.
  • Candidates must not be currently receiving, or have received in the last 3 years, EI (Employment Insurance) payments.
  • Candidates who receive AISH (Assured Income of the Severely Handicapped) payments will only be eligible for financial assistance during the Work Experience placements.

To learn more and apply, visit the program website: