Spritz and Readsy

Spritz is text streaming technology designed to remove the eye movement associated with traditional reading methods, thereby making reading more efficient: you spend less time moving your eyes and more time processing content. For more in-depth scientific explanations on how the technology works, consult the Spritz blog.

Spritz now offers a number of ways to access this technology:

  • the Spritzlet, bookmarklet technology which allows you to spritz every HTML page on the web
  • Readsy will spritz text from uploaded PDF files, cut and pasted text, and text pulled from a URL
  • various iOS and Android apps powered by Spritz

Charmaine Letourneau Scholarship

The Charmaine Letourneau Scholarship supports Deaf or Hard of Hearing residents of Alberta who are attending or will attend a qualified post-secondary institution or vocational school.  Involvement in the Deaf community, school and community leadership, diligence and effort in studies, and commitment to the proposed field of study are considered.

The number and value of awards varies. More information about the award, eligibility criteria and application process can be found here: http://ecf.getopenfield.com/charmaine-letourneau

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2014.

Tax Measures for Persons with Disabilities

The Canada Revenue Agency has released a series of captioned videos on Tax Measures for Persons with Disabilities. Segments include applying for the disability tax credit, general information on the disability supports deductions, and eligible medical expenses.

Disability Innovations Symposium

More than 400 employers, educators, agencies, government staff, people with disabilities, and their families attended the Innovations At Work symposium on May 22-23, 2014. The purpose of the symposium was to hear and discuss ways of enhancing employment opportunities for Albertans with disabilities. 

The event also included the announcement of two new programs designed to help create more job opportunities for people with disabilities:

Videos of presentations made at the symposium are available on the event website.

Waiting Room Meditation

Stressed while waiting for your appointment?

Why not try a short guided mindfulness meditation while you wait?


Please fill out the short online evaluation on the website and tell us what you think!

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