Forms for students currently registered with SAS

Considering Withdrawing?

Are you considering withdrawing from one or more courses after the allowable withdrawal deadline? Please consult this form for more information, including a list of those on-campus supports you may want to consult before deciding to withdraw, and details on how this decision may affect your fees, student loan status, athletic scholarship, student benefit plan, and housing.

Considering a Reduced Course Load?

Students registered with Student Accessibility Services may sometimes consider taking two courses per semester because of disability-related reasons. Normally taking two courses a semester would designate the student as “part-time.” However, if you have formal documentation of a diagnosis, you may be eligible for a reduced course load. Please consult this form for further details.

A student with a reduced course load is considered a full-time student by the University of Calgary when taking two, 3-credit courses in one semester. This is a formal process that must be completed with your Advisor.

Need On-Campus Support?

Consult this list of student support services located on campus.

Need Tax Information (as a person with a disability, or a practitioner working with people with disabilities)?

Please see this form for information on tax credits, allowable deductions, customs fees, the Registered Disability Savings Plan, and more.

For CBE school counsellors and advisors

The University of Calgary admissions office has established a counsellor helpline for school counsellors and advisors looking to provide information about programs, scholarships, and admissions to students preparing to enter university.

Kottke: The iPhone: maybe the best thing for the blind since Braille provides a couple of interesting links on how the iPhone has been nothing short of revolutionary for some visually-impaired folks.