Calgary Herald: “Hearing loss not a barrier for medical student”

The Calgary Herald has posted a great story on a deaf student who will graduate this week from the University of Calgary’s School of Medicine.


May Workshops in the Teaching & Learning Centre

The Teaching & Learning Centre at the University of Calgary has announced some upcoming workshops which may be of interest to DRC students. Among the planned workshops:

Decision Making: Mind Mapping in Action

May 4, 2012; 11:00am-2:00pm, in Biological Sciences 540A

This session will provide attendees with knowledge about the concepts of mind-mapping, how mind-mapping is related to decision-making, and how mind-maps can be used to unlocked the dynamic potential of the brain.

Register online at

Creative Thinking

May 16, 2012; 12:00pm-2:00pm, in Biological Sciences 540A

Generate and practice some tactics of creative thinking in this two-hour session.

Register online at

Memory: User Guide

May 18, 2012; 12:00pm-2:00pm, in Biological Sciences 540A

This workshop will enable attendees to identify, among other things, the mechanism and different levels of memory in the brain, the principle of association that is the main mechanism of information recalling, and how memory can be consolidated with practice.

Register online at

University of Calgary campus resources for managing the end of term

With the Winter semester final exam period fast approaching, we wanted to highlight some campus resources which may be of assistance in navigating through this stressful period.

The Students’ Union Wellness Centre

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, the Students’ Union Wellness Centre will offer a free 90 minute workshop on Managing Test Anxiety. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn and practice with relaxation techniques and cognitive strategies for managing anxiety during exams. The workshop will run from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, in the Wellness Centre Classrom (MSC 370). To register, visit the Counselling Services reception desk, or call 403-210-9355.

If you’d rather speak to a counsellor one-on-one, free and confidential sessions are also available.

Prefer to learn by reading? The Wellness Centre website provides a variety of tools and strategies for improving studying and exam skills.

Student Success Centre

Writing Support at the Student Success Centre offers a comprehensive set of online writing resources for students, from crafting a strong thesis statement to citing sources.

LMS Update

The University of Calgary is looking for help in choosing a new learning management system.

Users can evaluate “sandbox” instances of the 4 candidate applications, then provide feedback through an online survey for each: Blackboard 9,  Desire2Learn, Instructure Canvas, and Moodle.

All feedback must be in no later than Friday, April 13.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit educational organization providing, at last count, over 3,000 videos and 315 practice exercises on topics ranging from algebra to art history to biology to astronomy. The mission of the Khan Academy is ambitious: to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. Judging from the response of our students, Khan is well on its way to realizing this goal.

In March 2011, Khan Academy founder Salman Khan gave a TED talk on the power of video to reinvent education; more recently, a 60 Minutes report speculated on whether the Khan Academy model is The Future of Education.